Prices and maximum loan period are fixed on the yearly general meeting.
• Only board members can lend out and receive gear. They can also decide to refuse to rent gear.
• Only working members have the right to borrow gear.
• Gear cannot be transferred between members
• In case of loss, theft or damage of the gear, with exception of wear by normal use and damage by normal use and outside the will of the borrower (ex. falling rocks,…), the borrower has to pay the book value of the gear on the moment of the incident or reimburse the actual costs incurred. No matter the security deposit the borrower has given, the minimum reimbursement is equal to the half of the current price of a new piece of the concerning gear. LUAK is responsible to buy the new piece of gear. The borrower possibly can, in consultation with the material master, have the gear to be fixed. The borrower will have to pay for the repair costs.
• The maximum loan period for gear is 3 weeks.
• After the exceedance of the maximum loan period, the borrower will be given a fine of 5 euros every two weeks, starting from week 4. The maximum fine can be the current value of the borrowed gear.
• The maximum amount of gear to be borrowed is: two ropes (one single, one double), 12 quickdraws, 2 ice axes, one piolet, 5 ice screws, one pair of crampons, one rack of traditional gear, one pair of ski’s with boots, 5 books, 1 avalanche set (being avalanche beeper, probe and shovel). Of the rest of the gear, only one piece can be rented out. More gear can be rented out with permission of the whole board.
• Students have priority to borrow gear.
• With the return of the gear, the gear has to be cleaned and serviced. Ropes have to be dry. Bivouac sacs have to be dry, without mud, leaves or spiders.
• With the borrow of the gear, the borrower has to check the condition of the gear and reports every issue.
• With the return of the gear, the borrower has the duty to report every (possible) damage that has occurred during the use.