Where are we going this summer?

While most of us are still suffering or recovering from their exams, others are free climbing Dawn Wall, searching for snow and ice in the Alps or for sunny rocks in El Chorro. Winter is definitely here and no escape is possible, but hold on!
From the 18th until 26th of July, LUAK is organising the annual and awesome zomertreffen/summermeeting. Everyone is invited to join us on this climbing trip, so check out the poll on our messageboard to discuss the location.

Christmas party!

This Friday is the annual epic LUAK Christmas party! The LUAK will be closed on Thursday so everybody is fit to come and join us on Friday. The festivities start around 21.30h.

As the Christmas tradition dictates, it's time to form some new bets! Put on your thinking hats and surprise us with a super cool challenge for the coming year. For those who didn't succeed last year, don't forget to bring your compensation ;-)

Upcoming events

While we only were able to boulder on Saturday due to wet conditions on Sunday, we still had a great time at Fontainebleau this weekend! We might have set a new record with the amount of people at the pizzaria :-)
We hope you'll be as plenty on the next coldfinger weekend when the first rays of sun come in next year (around February).

The ordering of clothes is closed from now. If you haven't done so please pay a deposit of 5 euro / piece of clothing as noted in the post below. We'll notify you when the clothes arrive and you can pick them up at LUAK.

About the next events:

The next event we're organizing is the LUAK trophy this Thursday (a quiz-like evening with both questions & do-battles)! Word on the street is it'll be great. Be there at 8pm! If you don't have a group, don't worry, we'll assign you to a great team.

Tuesday the 25th of November is our third and last stop on the climbing gym tour in Louvain-la-Neuve. Be at the Spuye at 7pm to join us. We'll be back before midnight.

Thursday the 27th of November we're hosting Reel Rock! You can check out the trailer and find more info below.

From the looks of the poll below the legendary Christmas party will be on Friday the 19th of December this year. You can still vote till the end of November. Mark the date, it'll be awesome!

LUAK hosts Reel Rock 9 - Info & Online Ticket Sale!

LUAK will screen Valley Uprising, Reel Rock's 9th feature film on Thursday November 27th at MSI in Leuven. You can get pre-sale tickets at Hungaria, Kariboe and LUAK at 7 euros. Tickets at the door are 10 euros.

Check out the awesome trailer @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o86TpaSBcWw

Online ticket sale is closed! You can still get tickets at Hungaria or Kariboe or at the door on Thursday.

MUST HAVE LUAK clothes?!

Since a few days ordering LUAK-clothes is up again. How does it work? Easy:

  1. Choose your clothes: catalogues will be laying around at LUAK or check out the online catalogues: http://www.europeancatalog.eu/ OR http://www.sportscatalog.eu/. If you are lazy and you don’t want to browse the catalogue we picked out a shirt and a hoodie, it is marked in the catalogue or you find the link on the form. You will have to choose the color, size and print though.
  2. Choose your print: more info on the form.
  3. Place your order: online via our webforms or on paper at LUAK
    Link for lazy people: http://goo.gl/forms/U9DRMbcEjl
    Link customized clothing: http://goo.gl/forms/pRInM8DOmh
  4. Pay an deposit of 5 euro per piece of clothing. This amount should be paid to the LUAK account: BE03 7340 3133 8584. If we don’t receive the deposit, your order get cancelled.
  5. Get your clothes and pay the remaining part. Prices are in the catalogue, count about 10 euro s extra per print (these are estimated prices, actual price can be cheaper or more expensive).

You can order up to November 9th, we hope to have your clothes ready by the Christmas party!

Student welcome & second info evening!

Hi all!

This afternoon we're at the student welcome. Pass by our booth and say hi!

Tomorrow evening our second info evening will take place at 22h at LUAK headquarters. You can easily register there. To get rid of some confusion: if you're already a member on this website (test it by logging in and check if your profile is up to date) you only need to pay to a board member and receive your card. If you do not have a website account yet, registering before you pass by to become a member will speed up the process.

The membership fees this year are 15 euros for new members and 20 euros for others.

Sunday is our first day on the rocks! Pass by tomorrow evening to get more info.

A new LUAK season about to start!

Hi all,

In a couple of weeks the new LUAK season will start. LUAK is already open every Thursday evening at the moment. At the end of September and the beginning of October we're organizing 2 info nights where you can register for the new year and meet the new board. After that, 2 initiations and the Freyr weekend will follow. Check the calendar for the exact dates and upcoming events.

Need more info? Browse around the website or contact us through mail or pass by our info booth at the student welcome!

See you at LUAK!

BBQ time!

Don't forget, this Friday the 27th at 19h is our awesome yearly BBQ (and general meeting)! We'll take care of the side dishes, veggies and grill. You bring your preferred meat, a plate and cutlery.

Don't miss out!

PS: since everybody will meet at the BBQ on Friday, the LUAK will be closed on Thursday.