A new climbing year is around the corner

The X-MAS party is behind us, new bets are made and the board gathered to discuss the new year. Keep an eye out on the website to be the first to know the dates for the Fontainebleau weekend, a new climbing gym tour (giving an alternative to the closing of Hungaria), our proposal for the summer meet, etc etc...

Along with the new year there's also a change coming for the website: we'll start using the forum on the website instead of a separate forum. This means you'll only have to log in once! We'll keep the old forum in legacy mode to not lose all the spicy topics ;)

The new forum can be found HERE. The old one is still available http://luak.studentenweb.org/forum/
We're still tuning the new one (colors, sizes etc... suggestions welcome)

Keep in mind that for the next 2 weeks the LUAK will be closed so you'll have the time to study! We'll be back on January 7th and deliver some pancakes and ice cream on 14th of January.

PS: we will be resetting memberships soon (people that were a member last year but not yet this year will change status on the website), so the ones that are not a member of LUAK yet this year please sign up so you can continue to enjoy your website- and other benefits!
In case you are a member this year and notice something's wrong (no access to the member section for example), please contact us!