Speciaal een topic voor Bart

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Speciaal een topic voor Bart

In lijn met Bart zijn weddenschap van vorig jaar: 5 wazige/rare/zelden geklommen routes in Freyr.

Ik kwam dit geniaal stukje geschreven klim-manuscript van de hand van Cedar Wright tegen op internet, en moest meteen aan Bart's weddenschap denken:

"My old friend Brian “Coiler” Kay, who was my dirtbagging guru and mentor, invented a funny but informative rating system called the “Obscurity” system. The O-system came about as a critique of sorts to the fact that most climbers stick only to a few popular routes and rarely—if ever—venture into the unknown. The Obscurity rating was also meant to be a motivator to step off the trade routes. Climbs worthy of an “O” rating were relatively unfrequented and unknown—a guaranteed adventure! At the upper end of the closed “O-grade” system was O4, which was the second or third ascent of a route. An O5 was a route of legend, meaning there was a tale of it having been climbed but no topo and no conclusive evidence. Finally there was the coveted O6, a grade retroactively assigned to a climb that no longer exists."

Ik neem aan dat er wel enkele O3's en misschien O4's te vinden zijn in Freyr? Laat het opzoekwerk en de discussies beginnen!

Voor zij die het hele artikel willen lezen; http://www.climbing.com/people/the-wright-stuff-an-ode-to-fallen-routes/