BBQ & Summer meet!

The end of the year is approaching fast! Two more epic events are planned:

- This Friday (24/06/2016) it's our annual BBQ. You bring your own meat, we'll supply some veggies and of course make sure that the fridge is full! Along the way we'll introduce the board for next year and you can vote if they're accepted to reign for the next LUAK year ;-)

- From the 16th till the 24th of July we're going climbing abroad! If you're familiar with the LUAK, you know that the location is never 100% decided. However, taking into account the poll here on the website and since our friends from Hungaria are joining, we'll very likely test our granite skills in Ailefroide! It is just that, a meet of LUAK members in the mountains, so nothing really organized, just a week full of epic(nes)s. If you're looking for a ride, ask around on the BBQ!