Upcoming presentations

Thu 23 nov, 20h00 (earlier post)
Less than four weeks from now we welcome PETE WHITTAKER (UK)! So join the gathering and maybe learn some secrets on how he worked his way up an unmeasurable massif, through cracks no one ever reached. We'll also hear about a trip of our own FRÉ LEYS!

Thu 14 dec, 20h00
We're expecting a climber-musician trio! Leuven's SIEBE VANHEE! And Piolet d'Or winners SEAN VILLANUEVA O'DRISCOLL and NICOLAS FAVRESSE! An audiovisual presentation will reveal their journey high up Chilean Patagonia. Be prepared for horrific snowy weather, technical difficulties while cooking and sleeping on the wall, and a breathtaking super technical bigwall yet to be freeclimbed! Where? The northface entrance of the yellow indicated building on KUL's Parkstraat campus.

Link to FB events:
- Pete Whittaker and Fré Leys
- Notes from the wall: Siebe Vanhee, Sean Villanueva, Nicolas Favresse