Climbing Topo Small Belgian Cliffs

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Climbing Topo Small Belgian Cliffs

A One-drive link to my personal topo-collection of small Belgian climbing sites. So no Freyr nor other big climbing site but the small 'Couennes'. (<- French for small sport climbing cliffs).!AlxVS5Q9Nc75pHAPkh1pHQYxpeJk

1) not all sites are frequented. So take a brush and clean the route, but with respect for nature.
2) You need to be able to judge the in-situ protection for yourself. Most of the sites are bolted by enthusiastic locals who not always know the right way to bolt.
3) Most of the sites allow climbing, but only in small groups. So be discreet.

Climb well and hard!

- Infos-escalade, JC Vittoz.
- good old Google