Summer meet Ailefroide (13-21/07)

Hey folks,

The borders of Europe will officially reopen on 15th of june. This means that we can make plans for a summer meet. In order to speed up the process, we chose that Ailefroide will be the destination for this year. Ailefroide lies in a beautiful valley in the ecrins and offers all you could want. (From a 4000m alpine climb to multipitches of 500m (both on walking distance in the valley as higher up in the mountains). But also bouldering and singlepitch climbing is possible for those who want to take a chill day or don't have experience in the longer stuff.

Note that on summer meet, we don't initiate people, we just bring people together for climbing shenanigans. So we expect if you join you can climb independently. Secondly, we will still have to take into account the corona measures, so try to keep close contact limited (if you share a car, try to do this with you climbing/ tent partner). The whole COVID thing also makes that we are not sure we have a KUL van, make sure you got transport. Getting there by public transport is pretty straightforward (till Brian├žon) We can try to arrange a carpool but make no promises.

If you would like to join:
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