The "Leuvense Alpinisten Klub" vzw brings people with the same interests together: sport climbing, alpinism, tourskiing... Its goal is to organize a variety of activities around these different sorts of climbing and mountaineering. The practitioner needs to be aware that these sports contain inherent risks. While performing said activities, he or she always remains personally responsible for financial loss and/or accidents with or without bodily and/or material damage with the possibility of death. The LUAK and its members of the board can in no way be held responsible for any of the above.
You are also aware that you are prohibited to use the KHLeuven climbing gym without having a mountaineering insurance and sports card. Furthermore, it is prohibited to climb outdoors in Belgium without being a member of the KBF or equal international organisation (more info at the KBF website).
Lastly, you are acquainted with the domestic rules of the LUAK (to be found on the website under Info > Rules and Regulations).