The time to register

Is now!

The new website runs on a different system than the old one, which means you'll have to register for a new account. Really easy though, just click here or register on the right!

The forum is (and will stay) still the same though, so no need to make a new forum account. You don't have a forum account yet? click forum and register there too ;-) It's the nr 1 spot to waste time during the exams, during work,...

For those who want to know: we migrated to Drupal while the previous website used Joomla. We're convinced Drupal will stick since it's easy to use and has a huge community (and thus support).

To summarize:
register on the new website (also needed if you already had an account on the old website)
register on the forum (only needed if you didn't have a forum account yet)