Ordering of LUAK clothes


Christmas is the time of year for all LUAKers to give themselves a present and order their new LUAK clothes. You can choose everything from a catalogue, customize it with LUAK-logo's and then ruin it with a stupid quote (just like me). Best of all, this year we have a genius new ordering system.

Three options:

1) You feel brave and want to order something special, then fill in this form: Custom order form

2) You feel rather lazy, but you still want to shine in nice LUAK climbing sweater or T-shirt. Especially for you we have made a form for the lazier LUAKer: Lazy peoples ordering form

3) You don't like computers and you certainly don’t trust the internet, because then the government will know what kind of T-shirt you like. Especially for you, there are paper catalogues @ LUAK and order all your favorite clothes by filling in a PAPER form.